About Us

Mike and I met on Craigslist many moons ago, when I was just getting away from my IT career and getting back to the basics. I was fascinated by inflatable boats, and saw that there was a demand for used dinghies and outboards. He had a defective transom Zodiac, and I had a willingness to take on a new project in unfamiliar territory. Unfettered by angst or fear, I bought it, listened to his spiel about the repair process, and took it on. When I brought it home, I immediately began working on it, and my neighbor caught interest to what I had been doing. Eventually finishing the project, he wound up purchasing the dinghy from me, and I was hooked.

Presently, we are the go-to shop from the North Shore to the Cape for inflatable dinghy repair, service, and sales. We carry every accessory imaginable that even the manufacturers won’t carry.

Our mission statement is to provide customer focused services and products that don’t penalize functionality with price.

We encourage our customers to send feedback and reach out with their ideas to make our product line work for them. We want our customers to enjoy the experience of a great day out on the water with friends and family, and let us do the heavy lifting of handling the hardware.

Jim Berube